"All things to all people"
It is our desire that as you gather here you will feel the welcoming presence of a loving God and a genuine acceptance from fellow believers. We believe that all people are broken, fractured and fragile on some level. We believe that all people are in need of a Savior who can heal mankind from the wounds that sin has created (Isaiah 61:1-3). It is our hope that you will give Hope an opportunity to serve you and your family and that you might consider joining us as we journey hand in hand toward heaven.
​7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Depression & Bi-Polar Support Alliance
2nd Thursday of each month
7:00 PM
Hope for Autism (support group for family members who have an autistic child or adult that they care for) 
More About Hope
Worship Service
Check out the "about us" section for details worship services. 
It's simple, we believe that you really should come "just as you are."  You will be welcomed with open arms and love.  We'll let God do the rest.
Worship begins at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday mornings. 

Sneak peaks of our worship services can be seen on our youtube channel at:  

Bible Classes
There are multiple opportunities to learn the bible outside of just Sunday morning worship services.
~Youth and Adult Sunday school classes meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 A.M. 

~Informal small group bible study class meets Wednesday nights at 7:00 P.M.

~Youth have "children's church" time during services each Sunday for toddler-10th graders (separated out into appropriate age groups.)
 Outreach Ministry

Hope Church is involved in many local outreach ministry services.  Some of these include support meetings (as listed above); the community Christmas Day Meal; Help for the Homeless; & the newly formed fusion center.  Those in need or those who want to assist with outreach ministry projects may contact [email protected] for more information.
  1. Brian Cost
    Brian Cost
    Brian grew up attending church 3 times a week every week. As an adolescent he admits that he saw church as a mandate and the bible as a rule book. Being the rebellious/against the grain type, he began to question the existence of God. As a married adult with a young child he saw the need for God in the life he, Karen and their child were living. As he began to study more and life’s difficulties came his way, he saw the universal forgiveness of God through Jesus. His focus shifted from “checking boxes” next to the rules to showing others Jesus through his actions. "Life is a journey, as is our spirituality. We should care to grow and grow to care." David is Brian's most influential biblical character because it shows him that God can forgive a multitude of sins. "We can reach the greatest of heights and our sin can still bring us heartache; but, God's forgiveness can bring us back." Brian and Karen live in Centerville with children Tristan (18) and Jillian (15).
  2. Devin Pickard
    Devin Pickard
    Devin is a life long Hickman County resident. He married his high school sweetheart, Angie and together they have 3 kids; Kaylee, Jordan, & Ruby. He states that he "was blessed with a great childhood and raised in a wonderful Christian home." Devin has been preaching since the age of 17. He describes his journey as "having many personal valley's and mountaintops." Devin openly admits that he has learned first hand what is to experience God's mercy, grace, and forgiveness. His utmost desire is to convince other people that they too are never beyond the reach of the compassionate hand of a good God. "One of the greatest sensations of the presence of God for me is when I'm spending time with God's good people. It's extremely encouraging to hang out with a host of folks who have tremendous stories of victory over some of the most painful scars that life can dish out. " I feel a strong connection with the Prodigal Son that Jesus spoke of Luke 15. I know what it is to fraternize with the world and then return to the open arms of a loving father.
  3. Craig Cochran
    Craig Cochran
    Craig grew up the youngest of 11 children in a home where they did not attend church. At the age of 16 his older siblings invited him to visit a revival at a church they had been attending. It was then that he accepted the Lord as his Savior. "I never really realized the depth of Gods love for me until my sons Christian and Ian were born. " Craig was an ordained deacon at his previous church for 15 years. He and Angie have been serving the Lord through music for 20 + years. Craig is most influenced by the prophet Elijah because even though he experienced great things in Gods name, he still struggled with emotional ups and downs. "I experience Gods presence the most when I am reading the Bible or singing his praises. "
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